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Bringing together the legacy of the past and the promise of the future.

Who are we?

Pittsburgh Public Media is a team of community leaders and former WDUQ staff members who are committed to serving the region with sustainable, listener-centered public radio with an emphasis on Jazz. The first step to bringing jazz back to the region’s airwaves has started, and we need your help!

NEWS! We are On the Air!.

Think about it. JAZZ!.. and more back on the radio! It's here because of your generous support.

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We are coming to full time FM service in Pittsburgh! Read more here.

We have purchased WZUM Braddock PA as a part of getting coverage in the Pittsburgh Market. In just a few weeks we will be on the air.

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What Can I Do?

Pittsburgh Public Media needs your help in expanding the service

Please consider donating to PubMusic, an affiliate of Pittsburgh Public Media, to advance the cause of community-supported jazz radio in the region.

TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Stay in touch with PPM through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. This is a critical time and we must mobilize in the strongest way.

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